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Are you planning to boost your business? Looking for a successful marketing campaign or advertising tool? Then we can help you bridge the gap between you and your customers with the help of digital signage. Our digital signage solutions can help you attract more customers and increase your profit efficiently.

An Effective Marketing Tool

There’s no better way to get the potential customer’s attention than by alluring them visually. Anything that catches the eye canpersuade the customer to reach you. This is why all the marketing tools are aimed at increasing the aesthetics.From the product’s presentation to the CSS-filled website. If you have managed to get the customer’s attention, there are 90% chances of conversion. Our digital display signscan play the crucial role of an effective advertising tool by getting the customers attention.Digital display is all around us. From tenant information in a building’s lobby to a restaurant or fast food place with colorful menus, doctor’s office waiting area showing patient testimonials to real state office showing all the available property deal.The convenience of modifying the information easily over the internet plus the low cost of digital sign and TV’s, makes any other signage solution absolute.

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Statistics Indicating the Advantages of our Signage

  • Research indicates that around 58% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business. This means that they potentially see your sign more than 60 times per month.
  • Almost 50% of the customers get to know about a certain brand through on-premise Around 35% of passersby wouldn’t know about your business without a sign.
  • 17% of the best buy walk-in customers did so because of a sign!
  • A single on-site signcosts less than other advertising methods like newspaper and TV ads. Moreover, the value of one signage equates that of 24 full-newspaper ads every year.

These numbers speak for themselves and you can see that choosing our digital signage solutions in Burbank Glendale and Los Angeles are the best way to promote local business.And the good news is that these numbers are bound to increase every year.There’s no better way of increasing brand awareness than choosing our service.

Why Choose us?

Digital display benefits your business in ways which are beyond average marketing. It helps in setting a first impression and landmarks your business. It informs the people about your products and services, success stories and testimonials, and if your digital display and digital sign is good enough, you can instantly convert them into your customers. In short, it relays important information and converts your business into a brand. The dynamic content can be updated easily and regularly with ease. You wouldn’t need to pay for price updates or content change every week. Allow us to take your business into new heights. Our professionals will work tirelessly to provide the best solution with regards to the digital LED display signs. You can contact us for a free walk-through and estimate on (818) 200 – 0280

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