Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Do you want to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your residential or commercial property? Do you happen to live or work in an area that encounters frequent robberies and want to be able to monitor your property 24 hours a day? Then you have come to the right place. Protect Burbank offers advanced surveillance security systems and wireless camera to provide you with all-round security. We offer security cameras, WiFi camera systems and security systems, hidden cameras, residential or commercial cameras, Wireless Camera in Burbank that incorporate advanced technologies and quality materials to ensure the durability of our security camera systems for the best surveillance 24 hours a day. All our camera systems are accessible from anywhere through any device including laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones Mac or PC.
High image quality is of utmost importance in a surveillance security system applications. Unlike the analog CCTV camera, our HD security camera scan deliver much better image quality and higher resolution. Our HD night vision cameras comes with progressive scan and megapixel technologies which make our security camera systems future proof. The new Dark fighter and Color VU technology allows you to view the footage in color at low light.

Why Should you Upgrade or Opt for our Video Surveillance System

HD versus Analog

In contrast to what is shown in a crime drama movie or TV show, analog cameras are incapable of offering crystal clear image of a person when zoomed in. The blurry surveillance footage from an analog security camera system can only get grainier when zoomed in. This makes it difficult to clearly capture an incident and identify persons or objects involved. This defies the sole purpose of surveillance security camera systems. The security camera systems installed by Protect Burbank overcome all these issues by offering 5 megapixel high resolution cameras offering a high image quality. In fact, our HD security camera picture quality equates a combination of 5 regular pictures. We offer WiFi and hidden cameras for smaller residential camera installations and IP and networked cameras for midsize to large scale installations integrated with other security systems.

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Protection at its Best

The latest technology in our security camerasystemsslows down the camera’s electronic shutter providing the best resolution at all times including exceptional quality at low light conditions. Our security cameras adapt to challenging lighting conditionsautomatically and have increased low-light sensitivity. With our camera system installation, you can capture images in both low-light and no-light environments. Our securitysystems can be manually adjusted to produce images without any IR (Infrared Radiation). The new Dark Fighterand Color VU technology in our security camera systems provides a wide dynamic range of low lights.

The traditional infrared light which forces the security camera picture to black and white and blurry at night time is replaced with a low power White Light LED system.

The Back light Compensation which is the mechanism built in our advanced security cameras can compensate very bright lights through doors and windows by enhancing the glare and improving the picture.

Our security camera systems also come with high-performing sensors, special algorithms, and cloud storage supporting WiFi cameras and cloud storage in case the installed DVR gets compromised.

Professional and Fast Installation

We can improve your security by installing or upgrading your existing CCTV system to a new, HD surveillance camera system. Depending on the existing wiring and resolution requirement, an HD over Coax or IP Camera system might be a better fit for you.

If you are unsure,we will help you through every step of your free consultation, installation or upgrade.

Our professional installers will work with schedule and requirements offering valuable suggestions to ensure all the concerned areas are covered, providing you with the best options for the least cost.

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