Entry System: Control Who Goes Where & When

If your company has several employees and multiple visitors, keeping track of every employee or visitor’s entry and exit plus check in and check out times can be a daunting task. This might lead to some employees misusing the flaw to circumvent inspection. Even if you succeed to solve this problem, the information can get too complicated to manage. Safety of the institution is another issue faced by every company. It becomes extremely difficult to monitor access to unknown individuals into the company even with the inclusion of security guards. This is where our access control systems steps in.

Access Control Systems offered by Protect Burbank

We provide a convenient and complete access control system for all your company needs. The devices used for this can range from card readers, keypads, magnetic locks, and electronic lock integrated with security service and security systems. Employees can access the premise using their personal chip and/or PIN code only during pre-defined allowed hours based on their access requirements.If you feel these methods of identification can be forged like commonly used Buddy punching when one employee asks another employee to clock in or out on their behalf which can get very costly, you can opt for our biometric system. Security keypad door locksand other solutions like entry systems or intercom systems with biometric function such as fingerprint readers cannot be forged or passed on.Thus, it cannot be misused offering a quick and highly reliableaccess eliminating the need to carry an ID badge or remembering a pin code. Regardless of the access system you choose, we assure you utmost reliability. You can integrate these solutions at every entry or exit point along with the alarm system or security camera system. Automatic predefined weekends and holidays will ensure only required access to the premisis locking all the intruders out.

Time Recording and Updating

Employees can check-in and check-outwith ouraccess control systemusing any of our identification methods like chips. When this happens, the individual access credentials are updated on the data carrier at every access. The difference between check-in and check-out can give you various parameters such as an employee’s number of hours worked, time-off, and leaves. The updated data is recorded and can be used by the company and staff for query generation. Every magnetic lock security systemand terminal can act as an information center for the staff, where query about worked hours and time-off can be availed within seconds. Integration with security camera at sensitive areas will also provide you with valuable footage of every incident.

Access Chip as a Wallet

The chip can also be used at POS and vending machines as a mode of cashless payment within the organization. This aids in quick and convenient payment settlement.

Customized Access with Protocolled Inner Doors

You can fit systems like card reader security systems on the inner terminals as well. This is beneficial when you want to allow access to a certain area only to certain staff. Employees can access only with individual credentials where the clear credential signals will be displayed in red or green. Thus, this system can aid with the protocolling of all comings and leavings.Integrating the inner electronic lock security service can also help you strengthen the security of your staff and the valuable information within the premise/ room.

Our card reader security systems work in several languages and are intuitive to operate. They offer open interfaces for the easy connection of external systems such as SAP. Choose our security keypad door locks and other solutions for organized and convenient management.

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