CAT5 vs. CAT6 vs. FIBER

If you are a building manager or a business owner, chances are that you have considered structured cabling or structured wiring for your home office or office building. Any new or existing office would need Cat5 or Cat6 wiring for networking server or computers, phones and other equipment like printers and security cameras.Fiber Optic and coaxial cable is also widely used for transferring internet service from the provider to the business location.Network cabling including cat5 or cat6 or fiber optic is the only means for a business or an office to share and communicate their resources and information.  In structured cabling, several electronic devices like the telephones, computers, wireless access points, copiers, and security cameras are connected by the technological infrastructure of the cabling system.

Fiber optic is the newest in this technology but not every office would require that. In fact, 95% of communication connections are done through cat5 or cat6 which can handle up to 10 gigabit data transfer. Network wiring can also provide power to all the electronic devices using PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology including wifi access points, phones and security cameras. As infrastructure is the most crucial part of your datavoice and video network, you have to choose a qualified experienced networking vendor as your voice and data provide.

Protect Burbank has professional installers with a complete knowledge of Structured Cabling and proper termination of fiber optic.

Why Choose us for your Structured Wiring Services?

Structured cabling is also known as data cabling and Ethernet cabling. They are the copper or fiber optic wiring in the walls. We only use high-end quality products in our structured wiring services and termination, which are backed by manufacturer warranties.We offer UL Classified Fire Resistive or plenum Cable which is the requirement for any new construction.All of our installations are based on TIA/EIA-568 C, IEEE and BICSI standards with certified installers.The main goal of Protect Burbank is to offer you a physical layer connection which is capable of supporting all the applications designed in conjunction with today’s standards.We understand the importance of a complete voice and data and security video cabling solution for your business. We can help you with any Voice or Data, HDMI or Video, Fiber Optic or coaxial cabling. This is why we study your business thoroughly, take time to listen and understand your goals before we proceed with structured cabling installation. We provide a complete solution with service and support during and after the installation. Since we are bonded and fully insured Low Voltage contractors, we are obligated by law to complete the job to your satisfaction.

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Our Network Cabling Services


  • Category 5e
Also known as Cat 5e, this is a twisted pair cable type designed for high signal integrity. This is often used in cabling for computer networks and to carry data and voice services and IP security cameras. Cat5e is still widely used and covers almost 75% of all structural cabling and wiring installations.
  • Category 6/6a
Also known as Cat 6, this is used to carry 100Base-TX, Ethernet 10Base-T, and 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) connections. As compared to the earlier cabling standards, Cat 6 cable is backed with more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise. Plus it will allow you to cover more distance during wiring.
  • Multi-mode fiber
It is best suited for premise applications where:
Links are less than For data rates of
1000 meters 100 MBPS or less
550 meters 1 GBPS or less
300 meters 10 GBPS or less
Among the two types of multi-mode fiber(62.5 um and 50 um), our team will help you determine the right type for your business.
  • Single-mode fiber

This is best suited in the following cases:

  1. Where the application dictates single mode like video.
  2. Bandwidth requirements exceeding multi-mode’s capability.
  3. Distances exceeding multi-mode’s capability.
  • Coaxial cable

Mostly used in Cable TV, or security camera or surveillance system or security system installations
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